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Alex Lungu - Art Director &

Challenge Unlike other events, the Edinburgh Festivals blur the lines between performer and audience. The BBC wants everyone to be able to take part in the festivals, wherever they may be. Insight People express emotions mainly through their bodies. But this is physically limited by the place you are in right now. Idea We created a festival app that transforms your emotions into holograms. Simply draw something by moving your smartphone and put it out there for everybody to see. Execution The app by the BBC uses the smartphone’s built-in motion sensors to record your movements. With just a tap, your expression will then be shared on a huge holographic art installation in the middle of the city. The Edinburgh Festivals become the canvas for the first global art piece, crafted by people from all over the world.

Alex Lungu (AD). Hannes Rath (AD), Philip Ziegler (CW),

Tania Shevereva (AD), Tathila Yamana Daros (AD)