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In 2018, the United Nations celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.

To honour this day, the Austrian broadcaster ORF and the city of Graz want to start an inspiring campaign

to remind people what those rights stand for.


Human rights are for all of mankind. But this universal concept is limited by borders and nations.


We send the Declaration of Human Rights to the next place humanity will step foot on: Mars.

This way, we remind people on Earth that this concept should protect us anytime, anywhere.


Each world leader is asked to sign the Declaration of Human Rights once more and commit to our project.

On our website, citizens from around the globe can sign a petition to push their country’s support.


At the 70th anniversary, we hold a public event in Graz to unveil the project.

The declaration and its container are presented.

From then on, the website goes live and the copy travels the planet.